The many facets of music and its ever-evolving nature have given rise to a new breed of artists and musicians. Nena Diefenbacher is the balance between new and old school contemporary arts and is constantly pushing the envelope. Born in Sacramento, California Nena Diefenbacher is resurecting the art of emotive and conscious hip-hop.

For a start, she grew up singing in the children’s choir and began writing poetry in 7th grade. During a critical time of developing into adulthood, Nena was imprinted by conscious Hip-Hip, R&B, Experimental, and Jazz. This wide spectrum of influences has led Nena to become a diverse artist who can travel between genres. Her lyrical prowess evolved into rhymes with heavy punchlines that are transparent, daring, full of hope, and reflective of his personal experiences. This is done by turning his pain into lessons helping him find purpose. To include, Nena Diefenbacher also played the trumpet in Jr. High school and later performed at his first show after high school with Siccmade Music.

As a producer, she was initially drawn to the music production software Reason, and over the years through dedication, effort, and practice Nena will manifest the title of World-Class Producer. Faced with the challenges of being part of the LGBTQ community Nena Diefenbacher crafted the skills of account management, music producer, artist, and graphic designing. With over 10 years of private research, this enthusiast is working her way to being one of the greatest in the music industry. Now that’s how you overcome adversity!

Nena Diefenbacher will continue to release more music. Hip- Hop is in need of diversity that reflects reality. As long as artists like Nena exist, the music industry has no other choice but to continue representing its listeners. Nena Diefenbacher is the missing piece of the Great Work.